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To give opportunities to all people, and ensure all voices are heard, both inside and outside of our organization

Guiding Principles

Welcome Everybody

No matter your race, religion, background, gender, or identity, at eos you are welcome. We are an anti-racist organization and we will take action to educate and fight against racism.

Celebrate Our Employees

By celebrating cultural holidays, sharing more about our experiences, and empowering the diverse voices in our organization, we can celebrate everyone who makes eos eos.

Capture Diverse Perspectives

Through our social media content and brand imagery, we will make sure our brand is telling the story of everyone.

Give Back to Our Community

With donations, mentorship, and advocating for BIPOC, it is important that we always keep our community in mind and make sure we are giving back.

Commit to Fair People Practices

We commit to fair treatment in our hiring practices, performance management, training and development, and all other people practices.

Hold Each Other Accountable

Whether it’s our own accountability or holding our vendors and partners accountable, we will make sure that this work never falls to the wayside.

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